Making my Way to the U.K., A Journey of Serendipity

When I stepped my feet for the very first time in London, I was vibrant. The fatigue of a seventeen-hour flight from Bali to London plus another five-hour layover in Hong Kong International Airport was soon dismissed by the excitement. I looked around and was mesmerized by the fact that I would start my new … Continue reading “Making my Way to the U.K., A Journey of Serendipity”

Bahasa Indonesia Logat Bali

“Penjaga warung         : Mau beli apa? Orang Bali                   : Minyak gas ada? Penjaga warung           : Maksudnya? Sampean mau beli minyak atau gas?”   Penggalan cerita di atas merupakan cerita tentang orang Bali yang pertama merantau di daerah lain. Tidak jelas diingatan saya siapa yang menceritakannya kisah kocak tersebut, tetapi selalu membuat saya tersenyum sendiri ketika … Continue reading “Bahasa Indonesia Logat Bali”

Am I lucky? Solving the Mystery of Being Lucky.

  “You are a lucky bastard!” exclaimed my friend when I got a job at an international school in Bali. Even more so, when I traveled to Papua and the U.S. for free as all expenses were paid by my American friend. My friend kept wondering why I was so lucky. Honestly, the term ‘a … Continue reading “Am I lucky? Solving the Mystery of Being Lucky.”